return of the prodigal idiot

Came back from weekend road trip yesterday. Slipped out of the country and back again in under 48 hours. The place . . . Oshawa, ON, Canada. The reason . . . Great Big Sea. The shopping list . . . booze, drugs and smokes. Canada: el Mexico del norte.

The show - predictably fabulous. GBS played "Oh Yeah" (here is where all non-fans tune out or sprain their eye-rolling muscles), Kris soloed (YES! I've finally seen all 5 soloing), I danced my ass off and a good time was had by all. All the ones I care about, anyway.

The rum flowed merry at the afterparty. The pub was crowded and rowdy enough to have private conversations at the top of your lungs. The live music was loud and passable enough to render its quality irrelevant. When we left, I forgot to wear gloves. Even today, my hands are red and chapped. The perils of cold-weather fandom.

The after-afterparty in the hotel lasted until, oh, 7 a.m., and involved several young hockey players. I do not remember any of their names. There is no need to. They served their purpose well enough.

An excellent weekend, all in all. Pictures will follow.

Oh, and I totally saw a dude's wiener.

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