stillness and cold

Winter blues in full swing; the thaw of my days down south is a distant memory. I had all these notes and thoughts for this blog, but I lack the energy to put them into words.

This freeze is irksome, but has an anesthetic effect as well - the mad thoughts that had been bubbling through my brain a few weeks ago have gone flat and flaccid. Unfortunately, that means I haven't written in nearly a week.

I will almost certainly snap out of it - this is familiar terrain, even if it's still unpleasant. I'm re-reading some favorite books. Comfort food for the mind.

I'll probably pop back up here soon enough as my usual chipper, semi-manic self . . . for now, though, I'm laying low.

"Do you think I'm in control, oh my God, do you think it's all for fun?" - Ida Maria

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